Kinesiology Research Day FAQs


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What is Kinesiology Research Day?

An annual event hosted by the Kinesiology Student Council (KinSC), Kinesiology Research Day is an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students from the School of Kinesiology to interact in an interdisciplinary forum, exchange ideas, and present their achievements. Research Day features research in the form of a poster session and speakers. The event is free and open to the public. Coffee, light refreshments, and lunch will be served during the event.

How can you be involved?

Attend: Anybody is welcome to attend Research Day, so feel free to stop by to see what research is happening in the School of Kinesiology or drop in to a keynote speaker - come for an hour or come for the whole day!

Submit Your Research: Research Day will have a poster session featuring research associated with the School of Kinesiology. If you're doing research and want to present, we want to hear from you! Learn about Kinesiology Research Day 2022 here. There will be judges attending and there will be monetary prizes for poster categories. 

In what ways can submit your research?

Research Briefs
Set up like a flash talk, individuals will have 5 minutes to present on either written or proposed academic work. Presenters may indicate a request for more time during the submission process; however, we cannot guarantee we can meet this request, as it is dependent on the number of submissions we receive. Presentations can be empirical or theoretical and can follow virtually any format the author chooses.

Research Posters
Individual or co-authored academic posters on either written or proposed academic work will be hung during the Research Day. Over the lunch hour, participants are encouraged to explore and engage with poster presenters. Presenters will be given a surface area of approximately 48 inches high and 48 inches wide. If your poster is accepted, you can have it printed by submitting a PDF or PPT version of your poster to

Lab Posters
Lab posters should outline the missions/goals of the lab, discuss recent accomplishments within the lab, and exciting/upcoming projects. Furthermore, please discuss lab opportunities and application process for undergraduate students. Lab posters will be given a surface area of approximately 48 inches high and 96 inches wide. You can have your poster printed by submitting a PDF or PPT version of your poster to